We understand the importance of having Corporate Social Responsibility, and we are currently working towards being a zero-waste organisation through our total waste management expertise. With over 40 years of industry experience, Crimson Singapore strives to deliver the best sustainable and eco-friendly practices throughout our services.


Our waste collection system is designed to help you conveniently dispose of your solid municipal waste at designated locations while giving you a chance to play your part in environmental protection. Our rubbish collection services can be classified into three broad categories: scheduled collection, curbside pickup, and self-haul rubbish disposal at our facilities.


We always make sure to implement a waste sorting process at every stage of our waste management system, from on-the-road collection schemes to automated separation process at recovery and treatment facilities. Separating inorganic and toxic refuse from recyclables is highly crucial to optimise our recycling effort.


We are always developing and investing in the latest digital technology solutions, such as dispatch management and GPS-tracking software programmes, to fortify our market capabilities and services. Technological development is at the heart of our sustainable business model—helping us work more efficiently, maximise our results, and reduce our energy consumption when aiding others to reduce theirs.


Sustainable waste management plays a crucial role in energy conservation within our industrial ecosystem as it takes less energy to manufacture products from recycled materials. Municipal solid waste can also be harnessed to generate electricity or heat, and even produce fuel commodities, such as methanol and synthetic fuels.


You can cut down on the costs for waste segregation, sorting, and recycling by entrusting your waste management operations to us. The enhanced resource efficiency allows your business to foster a corporate culture that values sustainability practices, from simple waste segregation to reduced consumption of materials.


Our waste management services directly help companies reduce their carbon footprints in the environment. We always make sure that our facilities appropriately sort every recyclable waste to minimise the amount that ends up in a landfill.