About Us

Established in the 1970s, Crimson Singapore is a well known waste management company that specialises in holistic waste disposal and recycling solutions for a vast spectrum of sectors and industries. We cater our waste handling and disposal services to shipyards, warehouses, industrial & commercial buildings, residential developments, and construction sites. As Singapore is moving with confident strides towards becoming a zero-waste nation, we pride ourselves on carrying the legacy of our business to facilitate the sustainability goals of our clients and communities and walk alongside them shoulder-to-shoulder to turn this vision into reality. Here at Crimson Singapore, we believe that business sustainability requires strong leadership that focuses on maximising value creation without sacrificing the need for environmental protection so that both ecological and business facets can thrive simultaneously.


Our Vision

To become an exemplary champion and facilitator of sustainable development in the realm of waste management to aid Singapore’s ultimate goal in becoming a zero-waste nation.


Our Mission

Our visionary idea has set us on a path to empowering others to walk upon their sustainability journey confidently. As such, our core values serve as a guideline that governs our actions and decisions to achieve our vision. • Business Integrity – our business conduct has always been guided by our unwavering devotion to bringing the best results for our clients under the principles of honesty, transparency, and accountability. • Safety First – we believe that the pursuit of excellence in what we do should never override the safety and well-being of our people and invaluable customers. • People’s Welfare – our core belief dictates that sustainability goes beyond fulfilling our obligations to protect the environment.


Safely and sustainably discard your corporate and domestic wastes with the help of our waste handling and disposal services, from collection and transport to treatment and recycling.


Give unused, yet fully functional items their new lease of life by using our recycling services. We provide designated bin placement as well as waste storage and collection specifically for recycling purposes.


Enjoy disrupt-free maintenance of your corporate facilities as we offer highly customisable cleaning service packages, from long-term and part-time contracts to event-specific requirements.


Procure a diverse fleet of waste collection vehicles and temporary bin containers to help with site clearing and debris removal for your construction project. We can furnish you with a wide range of assets for waste disposal to meet your project scope.


Waste recycling has just got more accessible and profitable for you, thanks to our self-service recycling drop-off centres. We collect a sundry collection of scrap materials, from glasses, cardboards, and plastics to electronic waste—the latter of which comes with a certificate of data confidentiality protection.


We establish customised waste and recycling solutions to help companies in the logistics and transportation sector safely conduct their waste management practices. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to precisely tailor asset and logistical support to your company’s waste disposal needs sans interference in your time-sensitive supply chain.